About Us

The seed for a Cortland branch of AAUW began in 1952 with correspondence between SUNY Cortland and AAUW national. Cortland State president Donald Smith requested that the local college be put on the AAUW qualified list. Many letters in our files attest to the determined efforts of SUNY Cortland faculty and administration to be “accepted” by AAUW National. Finally, a letter dated November 18, 1963 to Donovon Moffett, president of SUNY Cortland, from Blanche Dow, AAUW president, stated “Your institution has been put on the ‘AAUW qualified list and women graduates, including those graduating before this ruling, are now eligible for membership.”

On August 17, 1964, six women met for lunch with two Binghamton AAUW members and made plans for a local branch. On Monday, October 5, 1964 an organization meeting was held at the YWCA with alumnae from 25 different colleges and universities. The following women were elected to serve until permanent officers could be nominated: Sandra Meade, chair; Barbara Kuhlman, secretary; Lois Osborn, treasurer; and Mrs. Edward Telling, membership secretary. In the Spring of 1965, Eleanor Blodgett was elected president. Two members of our branch, Grace Bentley and Sandra Decker, are Charter members of the Cortland branch.

2017-18 Leaders:

President –  Sheila Cohen
Finance Officer – Mary Ellen Bloodgood
VP for Membership – Sara Earl
VP for Programs – Dottie Fowler
FUNDS (LAF/EF) – Charlotte Farris, Dottie Kelly
Secretary – Lenore Schwager